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The Wizard of Greystone Abbey

The Greystones are one of England’s wealthiest and most influential noble families. You are the heirs to the historic Greystone Estate and vast family fortune. However, you my never see your inheritance! Your great uncle Odus Greystone, the current Lord of Greystone Abbey has broken an ancient oath to awaken a dark family secret... that can cost himself and you everything! You need to stop Odus, before it’s too late!

A mystical adventure, set in the splendor of Victorian England. Fun for the whole family and challenging enough for the most clever of thinkers!

*This room requires some crawling.

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The Shady Hat Shop Heist

Go back to the roaring 1920’s for a good old-fashioned brain teaser that everyone can enjoy! Filled with mystery, intrigue, and a few surprises… this adventure immerses you in another time with unparalleled realism. It’s going to take lots of teamwork and some real smart cookies to figure this one out!

Your family owns the very best hat shop in all of Chestnut Hill and with your uncle recently inventing a revolutionary new hat design, your future was looking bright! That was until the underhanded owner of your biggest competitor, The Shady Hat Shop… stole the prototype for your uncle’s design. Now, with the future of your store in jeopardy… you take matters into your own hands. Get into The Shady Hat Shop, steal back your prototype, and get out before the store opens!


The haunting of Chestnut hill

If you’re a fan of haunted movies or TV shows, this is the adventure for you. Just the right mix of fun and spooky in a ghostly adventure you won’t soon forget!

You started your very own paranormal investigation company and you just got your first case! An old abandoned loft in Chestnut Hill that needs to be sold, but there’s a big problem... it has an unwanted resident that isn’t cooperating. Can you keep your nerve long enough to help our wayward spirit to find peace? It’s going to take steady nerve, great teamwork, and superior sleuthing to close this case.